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Wrap Around Deck and Pergola

The deck connected the front and side portions of the house, solving grade and accessibility issues.

On the front deck, all the floor boards were replaced and the tongue and groove ceiling was replaced. New light fixtures were installed. The railings were removed to give the porch an open an airy feel.

The side deck was new and was connected to the front deck, making a new open and welcoming area. Sourced, one-of-a-kind, solid oak bench seating (with custom made cushions) was used to define the sides of the deck, which eliminated the need for railings. The pergola created a shaded section and added texture to the overall look. The house was painted a dark taupe, which helped it to blend into the landscape.

Enhanced Entrances

With the addition of stairs leading down to the patio below, there is a nice flow from the pergola area and kitchen door down to the back room entrance.

Garden doors and a new light fixture were added to the back entrance. The back half of the house was painted a fresh white colour.

1000 ftOutdoor Patio

The land originally sloped at a consistent angle all the way to the entrance of the screened in porch. There was no flat area to place a BBQ or a patio set. As well, the water flowed directly into the basement every time it rained!

The extra soil was removed and the area was graded into two separate tiers. Drainage was installed under the patio and around both sides of the house. No more basement floods!

The excavation was continued around both sides of the garage, linking the driveway to the backyard area.

Retaining Wall and Stairs

Large rocks were chosen from around the farm and moved into place for the retaining walls. This is an in-progress photo. The stairs were sourced, installed and levelled.

Garage Foundation

The weight of all the soil against the garage, on the north side (you are looking at the west side) had pushed the actual building slightly off of it's foundation. Once the pressure of the soil was removed, we were able to re-support the garage over the foundation and secure it properly with rebar and concrete. The outside of the garage foundation was cleaned and water-sealed, while it was exposed.

The Pergola

The pergola was added to give the yard a corner anchor point, helping to tie together the upper and lower areas and segue the patio area into the yard. A perimeter garden was built all around the retaining wall edges to smooth the transition onto the grass. The flooring under the patio is fieldstone. This helped to define the space and added another interesting texture.