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Gate Installation and Fencing

Split Rail, oak board, or whatever you choose:

No matter what type of fencing you are interested in, we have installed kilometres of it.......... literally!

Getting the fence to flow with the landscape, having the boards spaced correctly apart, and making sure that the fence is straight are a few of the factors that make a really great fence.  All of them are very important, as you will be looking at this fence for many years!


The placement, design and width of the gates that you place in your field need to match the function of your set up. What type of livestock are you trying to contain? Do you need to fit large equipment through the gate? Would it be helpful to have the gate set back from the road, so that you will be safe when you get off your equipment to open the gate? Would you like a smaller gate for ease of use? In one setting we have two gates very close to each other: one is for the tractor and the other is a smaller gate for everyday use. 


However, you don't need a large field to require a gate! Garden and yards are our specialties too!