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The Barn Renovation

When we started this renovation, the barn was just a metal shell. The building was intended to be used as a cattle barn and had some wooden walkways and partitions. The flooring was a combination of very large gravel and stones. It was not ideal for humans or horses. We had tripped and twisted our ankles on this stuff long enough!


Step 1: We ripped out all of the old wooden structures and saved the lumber. Re-using the lumber saved us a lot of money!

Step 2: Planning out and running the plumbing. We installed 3 new hydrants and ran drainage from what will be the wash stall and the lounge. The drainage ran to a french drain that was installed just outside the building.

Step 3: The regrading of the entire area was a must. This prepared the site for the concrete pour and the installation of the stalls.

Step 4: The concrete was poured for the aisles, the wash stall, the feed room and the lounge. We went with a stamped concrete so that the animals would not slip. as well, it gave the barn a nice rustic look.

Step 5: The metal on the outside of the barn was removed and reclaimed doors and windows were installed for the lounge area. The view is spectacular and we wanted to be able to see it! A garage door was also installed in a large opening by the lounge window. The garage door was carefully chosen to match the look of the windows. It's style allowed us to still let in lots of light and capitalize on the view.

Step 6: The inside of the barn was framed, area by area. The stalls were assembled into the framing. The stalls were second hand and needed some love. So, we sent them out to be sand blasted and powder-coated. This was the best move we ever made. The metal turned out beautifully and makes the barn look like a million bucks!

Step 7: The entire barn was insulated and the walls were installed over the insulation.

Step 8: The lounge area was completely insulated. Reclaimed tongue and groove oak was used to line the walls and a galvanized metal ceiling was installed. A new kitchenette was installed into the lounge area.

Step 9: Tack closets were built and all of the small details that make a barn nice were added.

New Door & Window
 New Garage Door
Let the Grading Begin!
Stamped Concrete Aisles
The stalls are going in!